On a Run


Local kids. Local leaders.

One goal: to strengthen our community through kids & sports. 

Our mission is simple. Connect with the youth in our community to open up the world of growth & possibility that sports can create. By bringing top coaches, athletes, and mentors together in a fun and inclusive setting across a range of sports we can help give our kids the building blocks for the future. We go beyond building strong bodies. We believe sports can fuel the mind, body and soul.

NFL Veteran & SuperBowl Champion


A 9 year NFL veteran and SuperBowl Champion, Brandon combines his expertise from his years as a professional athlete, plus his journey both on and off the field, to inspire young athletes to think big. Brandon brings a unique view of helping to understand the fundamentals of sports, and the power of a team, but also how to translate the skills learned in sports into skills for everyday life. Sports is more than winning and losing, but can serve as a blueprint for approaching life and using lessons sports can teach young athletes to open doors they may not have imagined.


Jr. Olympics Track & Field Coach


A 34 year veteran coaching youth sports including baseball, basketball, football, and track & field. Over the past 9 years, Kevin has channeled his expertise into coaching Jr. Olympics Track & Field and partnering with college athletes and coaches to bring the best out of his athletes. His mantra? Our youth are the future leaders and our greatest asset for tomorrow and we must invest in them today.


Coach and Youth Mentor


With 15 years of coaching experience including cross training, basketball, and track & field, Jeremy brings a dual focus to his approach with young athletes: fuel the body and the soul. Spending 10+ years in the ministry, combined with his athletic expertise, Jeremy helps coach and mentor local youth both on and off the field to help them chart their path in life. And every day, bringing to life his favorite proverb: Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it. 


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